sick time & a quick sunday project

sadly our streak of productive weekends came to a screeching halt when the flu hit our house. i spent all of yesterday in bed (but managed to finish my book!) and today appears to be andy's turn. i hate being robbed of my weekend days, as they're the only opportunity i have to work on creative projects around the home. i wasn't going to let this bug get the best of us, though, and was able to complete a little project i've had etched on my to-do list for months.

supplies needed:
- soil
-dinosaur from the dollar bin
-good scissors (or in our case, a half-dull steak knife)
-spray paint

and ta-da! a dinosaur planter.

i've been wanting to do one of these since spotting a peach giraffe planter on etsy. i could not be happier with the results, and this guy will likely have many more fantastic friends to join him in the kitchen window sill soon!

now if i can just keep these two cuties from catching this sickness, this weekend may not turn out so bad afterall...


Lauren said...

Woah! I would have never thought of doing that, it looks awesome. I am going to pin your photo :D

carrie said...

thanks, lauren!! :)

elizabethripleyhorn said...

love it! Now how in the hell did you get scissors to cut through that plastic?

carrie said...

stabbing. lots of stabbing.

Jenny said...

very cool! I love it!

AmandaAwakening said...

What a great idea! You are so inspiring!

carrie said...

thanks, amanda! that's super nice of you to say.