closing time

so, i've moved. and you should move over with me. xo

find me here from now on!


rain or shine

september weather just might be my favorite. it's the time of year when the sky is true turquoise. paired with the grass that finally found it's green again, september's colors make for a great time to go outside.

we've had weekends with sun and breezes and temps in the 60s. we've also had weekends drenched by rain and evenings of wind and hail. both are good for us, and it's given me the opportunity to knock out many of the items on my month's to-do-list!

the unwanted patio plants have been torn down (five freaking trash bags FULL), replaced by brick red and purple mums.

the chevron table is complete, too, just in time for this evening's bingo party i'm hosting.

i've read three books, too, and although they may not be considered literary genius, they were fun and quick and a tad naughty (ahem, fifty shades, anyone?).

i ordered over 300 photos to frame at home and package up snail-mail style to our parents, grandparents, and brothers across the country. although it's always daunting to sift through hundreds of photos spanning several months, it's always worth it when the sweet prints arrive!

i'm still struggling with motivation in other areas, though. my desire to "move" and establish any sort of exercise routine is at an alarming low. while i've trimmed some spending, i also still have not yet established my financial plan, either. with a week to go before october arrives, i need to get my ass in gear.

tomorrow we plan to play at the zoo, and that will eliminate the last item from my list. happy weekend to everyone!


labor day

three-day-weekends are incrediblly restorative, and i celebrated labor day today by...well, laboring!















and still had excitement left at the end of the day to screen E.T. for the little ones before bed. also, i can't wait to finish the dining room table, mark a project from my to-do-list, and post pics of the finished project!

ps...the shopping? local nursery/garden shop where i scored two lovely mini suitcases for $2.50 and $3.00 on clearance. happy holiday to me!


rainy day woman

indiana is receiving the remnants of hurricane isaac, making for a grey and drizzling holiday weekend. while many may be frustrated by the weather interrupting their plans, i couldn't be more grateful for some time spent indoors. september is my favorite month of the year, and i eagerly look forward to the onset of fall and all that the final months of the year brings.

and so, on this rainy weekend, i've made a make-it-happen-in-september list, determined to  hold myself accountable and map out a plan. here's what i'll be working to accomplish:

1. paint dining room table (already underway! multi-color chevron? don't mind if i do!)

2. create a financial plan...then stick to it! (utilize mutli-color chevron tabbed divider to assit with this task. wait, do i see a theme here??)

3. use our zoo membership (now that it's not 95 degrees, we can visit our animal friends and not simultaneously suffer from heat stroke!)

4. clean up the backyard (while my overgrown, unattended romaine lettuce is nice, i'd much rather spend the upcoming cooler nights surrounded by mums then four-foot tall weeds)

5. develop photos (there are waaaay too many fabulous snapshots from this summer of me drinking tequila with girlfriends! and combined with the current snapfish deal-- 99 prints for a penny each!--i must begin selecting memories to order)

6. move (not residencies...my ass! i'm in a workout slump and can't seem to drag myself out of the depths of unmotivation. help hold me accountable, friends! tell me i'm fat or something. thanks!)

7. throw a party (it's been awhile since i've hosted a party for just the ladies and not the ladies plus our sweet darlings, too. i am mega-excited for the bingo party i've got planned!)

8. read more (like exercise, i seem to have a stop&go relationship with books. this month, i vow to finish as least ONE of the three books i've been reading since the beginning of summer)

as i check each item from the list i'll try to update you all through posts here. happy september, friends!


six years old never looked so cool

finally forced myself to finish the transition in grace's room from toddler sweet to a hip growing girl retreat. stay tuned for a later post on some of the special items that went in to making her room feel so bright and hip, without spending much money at all!


these are the places i will always go

last week was simply horrific. at 5:45 am on monday, i awoke to the uh-oh-it's-too-early-for-a-phone-call-what's-wrong?? ring of my cell. it was my boss, informing me that one of my residents had eloped. in our field (another day, another story), elopement essentially means a resident leaves the facility without knowledge of staff and cannot be located.

within five minutes i threw on leggings, a tee, and black ballet flats and was pulling out of our still dark driveway. and i looked for him. in the lingering black of the morning, i drove through parking lots and neighborhoods and downtown streets. streets where i can hear my mom reminding me, "lock your doors, carrie." and i locked them and kept driving and spoke with police. i learned more about our local homeless population than i ever believed to exist. saw where they live, get free sack lunches in the park, build tent cities below bridges.

by mid-week, the searches were still unsuccessful, and state pleasantly arrived, seven surveyors strong, to conduct our annual re-certification survey. by wednesday night i hit a wall. i convinced myself it was exhaustion and that i just needed an early real housewives viewing and bedtime immediately following. by thursday morning, i knew it was something more serious, and by friday, the lab results returned with the happy news that yes, it was strep. AGAIN, for the second time in 5 weeks.

somehow surviving until monday, i kept putting one foot in front of the other, pushing through the week that felt like it was never going to end. i welcomed the dark clouds and rumbling rainstorms that thursday evening brought, and took time to sit still, even if it was only just for a few moments at a time.and finally it's friday. here's to a restorative weekend for all of us. because on monday it'll all start over again.



so yes, it's been six months since i last shared in this little space. i wish i could excuse my absence with some special story of traveling worldwide or anything magical, but it's simpler than that.

i just had nothing to say.

life has been eventful. full of friends, full of family, full of home updates and outdoor parties and work woes. gus turned two. grace began first grade. still, through all of the ripples of experience, i couldn't post a single drop.

lately i've forced myself into pockets of time where i have to think. have to feel. have to consider. have to share. and it's returned me to this singular spot, ready to present glimpses of where we rest now, nearing the halfway mark through august. desiring to document again feels restorative, and i hope a few of you remain to bear witness to my ramblings and photographs and recordings of life.